Electric Wheelchair Review and Ultimate Guide

Why do you should use an electric wheelchair?

For people who had injuries or accidents which affected their walking ability, used electric wheelchairs offer valuable relief. For some reason, a person might not be able to use manual wheelchairs and this fact, along with inexperience, can impose a greater challenge in using wheelchairs.

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lf you are facing this problem, instead of buying brand new manual wheelchairs, it would be more practical and advantageous to purchase used wheelchairs. A previously owned electric wheelchair is no different than a brand new one

 The great thing when using the electric wheelchair

One important feature of a used electric wheelchair is its smooth and easy operation. Electric wheelchairs are very simple to use, far from old-fashioned manual wheelchairs. Manually turning the wheels can be a major hassle to some handicapped people. With wheelchairs the users dexterity and strength is not an issue.

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Powered wheelchairs are not only easy to operate, they are crucial for people who are elderly, infirm, physically disabled, or prone to stiffness and arthritic pain in the arms, wrists and hands.



Electric wheelchairs are compact and streamlined, and they are specifically intended to provide the user convenience and easier access. They are easier to operate and control. You can maneuver them anywhere you need to go.

Aside from these facts, electric wheelchairs are easy to store when not being used Wheelchairs have no extra parts that block your way or pose any risk of accidents.

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Good for the elderly

A wheelchair is definitely the best choice for the elderly in your family, if you want to make their everyday life easier, safer and more comfortable.

Getting a second-hand wheelchair is definitely better than buying a brand new manual wheelchair. You won’t be able to find a more practical and safer way for the elderly in your family to get around, either indoors or in public areas.


Using manual wheelchairs for a long time can be straining on the hands, wrists and arms, even for younger people. You may even develop hand injuries due to prolonged use and this will further affect the healing process.

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The bottom line is, a used wheelchair is suitable for users of all ages. It will give you a sense of security knowing that you or your family member will not be in danger of falling and getting injured.

How to choose a best electric wheelchair today?

Buying a brand new wheelchair can cost you at least 1,500 USD. Not a practical thing to do if budget is one of your principal concerns. A second-hand electric wheelchair, on the other hand, cost less than half the price of a brand new one.

You can find several types of used electric wheelchairs in the market, depending on the purpose and extent of use.

How to use an electric wheelchair properly?

These mobility aids are mainly used by people recovering from a surgery. Persons suffering from arthritis and people with any form temporary or permanent disabilities like a broken bone or paralysis can gain from them. Have you been prescribed to use a wheelchair lately?

Even though, a doctor would guide you about the type of wheelchair you should buy, picking the best electric wheelchair is not an easy task. The following tips will be helpful for you to choose the right one .

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If you are prescribed to use electric wheelchairs for movement, ask him if you would get some custom features for the chairs you buy. Your physician would be the right person to ask if you require any extra support, accessories or any extra attachments with the chair.
Ask around for recommendations for specific brands and features you would consider while buying an electric mobility aid. You might also get recommendations of dealers from either the doctor or people who have bought similar mobility aids earlier.

Make sure you are getting properly reimbursed through medical insurance for the electric wheelchair you are buying. It would help you to bear with the medical expenditure better.

Where to buy ?

Make sure that the provider of medical aids you are buying from has a large stock of different types of electric wheelchairs. One major advantage of buying from a reputed dealer that has a huge stock is that you can make a better choice by selecting from an array of similar products.

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Make sure that the dealer you are buying the chairs from is willing to provide custom features to the wheelchair you buy. While buying a chair, you should not just consider the size but, also the comfort and cost of these mobility aids.

Amazon.com really is your best option because you can often get your chair with free shipping and if you are not satisfied with your purchase you can always return it for no cost. It doesn’t get much better than that!


By following these tips you can buy electric wheelchairs which will offer you independence of movement and comfort to be in So, if you are thinking of buying electric wheelchairs, Orange County based dealer Access Medical would be a good choice for buying the best mobility aids at affordable costs.

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