Top 5 Best Electric Wheelchair Brands on the market today

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By using the above reviews you certainly going to get the best brand with the right products. From here you can purchase best electric wheelchairs which will offer you freedom of movement and solace to be in.

Are you considering purchasing best electric wheelchair ? If any of your dear ones has an incapacity, damage, is old or debilitated, these chairs can make it less demanding for him/her to get around the house.

Best Electric Wheelchair 2016
Despite the fact that, a doctor would guide you about the kind of wheelchair you ought to purchase, picking the best electric wheelchair brand is not a simple errand. The article below will furnish you with the best electric wheelchairs brand in the market and their individual reviews. The point is to furnish you with help with settling on the right brand to obtain the right product.

Top 5 Best Electric Wheelchair Brands on The Market Today

  • ActiveCare Medical
  • Pride Mobility
  • Wheelchair88
  • Smart Chair
  • Ez lite cruise

ActiveCare Medical

This is a popularly known brand in the market. ActiveCare Medical designs and manufacturers power wheelchairs and electric mobility scooters, shrouded power chairs and patient aids designed to meet user needs in the most demanding conditions for years of dependability.

Active Care Cobaltbl16FS - Drive Medical Cobalt Travel Power Wheelchair

The ActiveCare electric wheelchair products are designed for strength and durability and are thoroughly tested to ensure peace of mind ownership. Because ActiveCare Medical’s products are of such high quality, ActiveCare confidently backs each electric wheelchair with a generous, industry leading warranty.

Each Active Care electric wheelchair product is designed for maximum strength and lightest possible weight, with user-friendly positioning and control features that make operation easy and intuitive. Active Care Medical is passionate about products that ensure comfortable, personal fit and safety for long duration indoor and outdoor activities.

Wildcat 450 Heavy Duty Folding Power Wheelchair

The best product from this brand is ActiveCare Wildcat Folding Power Wheelchair. This wheelchair has a has froth padded chair, fold-down backrest, storage pocket on chair back plus a standard safety belt. This wheelchair is anything but difficult to transport and store since its foldable.

Pride Mobility

Pride Mobility Products Corporation is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturer of mobility products including Jazzy Power Chairs, Go-Go Travel Mobility, Pride Mobility Scooters, Pride Lift Chairs, and Pride Lifts and Ramps. Pride Mobility gives a mix of style, power and performance to its clients.

Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel Travel Mobility Scooter

Pride is a fast-paced manufacturing environment driven by the passion, modesty, professionalism, and talent of its employees. Pride helps millions of people live their lives to the fullest by creating the best personal mobility products in the world.

Pride Mobility JAZZYSPORT2 Jazzy Sport 2 Electric Wheelchair

One of the items from this brand is Pride Mobility Jazzy Sport 2 Electric Wheelchair. This wheelchair has the accompanying components and advantages: frint wheel drie innovation, straightforward outline of principle casing, simple to get to batteries, agreeable high chair back that has a headrest and simple serviceability. The controller and cover guards given in this wheelchair shield it from everyday harms.


This brand is the intial designer and producer of the best mobile power wheelchairs. This brand is the provider of the lightest power wheelchairs and mobility scooters globally. This brand provides worldwide warranty for all their products. This means they will support you no matter where you travel to. They acknowledge that it is not just about how much the chair is, but the after sales service is very important.

Stylish heavy duty Foldawheel PW-1000XL

Wheelchair88 started by making the lightest electric wheelchair globally and continues to innovate power wheelchairs and accessories with unique features, high quality and reasonable prices. They constantly create and improve .

2016 new Foldawheel PW-999UL

Their best selling products is Foldawheel PW-999UL .Its aggregate weight presented with the battery is just 45 pounds. Along these lines it is viewed as the most light and the most reduced electric wheelchair globally. This mechanized foldable electric controlled wheelchair is given Polymer Li-particle battery to utilize it effectively.

Smart Chair

The Smart Chair brand is another designer of the most convenient, innovative, and portable power wheelchairs on the market. The products from this brand are extremely durable, and can hold up a large weight. This brand produces electric wheelchairs that are manageable in size hence giving the user a lot of convenience while traveling. Their best selling product is Smart chair Electric wheelchair

Smart Chair - Electric Wheelchair

It is known as the smart seat in view of its low support and light weight. This seat weighs just 50 pounds like 23 kilograms and is anything but difficult to overlay. The component permits this wheelchair to be packed in a vehicles, for example, a Taxi or even a plane.

Smart Chair - Electric Wheelchair 2016

The shrewd seat has a turn sweep of 31.5 inches which permits it to move tight corners. It likewise has an intense engine that permits it to climb slopes of up to 12 degrees effortlessly. This best electric wheelchair is additionally furnished with a lithium-ion phosphate battery that is Eco-accommodating and takes just 5 hours to charge from empty to full.

Ez lite cruise

This is another best brand in the market today determined to deliver electric wheelchair products that will give the use the most convenience. These electric wheelchairs from this brand can be used anywhere. By that I mean indoors or outdoors or any surface.

EZ Lite Cruiser Heavy Duty (HD) Deluxe DX12 Light Weight & Foldable Personal Mobility Aid

They design their wheelchairs in such a way that they can maneuver anywhere. These wheelchairs from this brand are sturdy, comfortable and easily foldable offering the user convenience while traveling. Their best selling electric wheelchair is EZ Lite Cruiser Heavy Duty Light Weight and Foldable Personal Mobility Aid

EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe DX10 - Personal Mobility Device

This best electric wheelchair is most likely the best in the market. It has tough 12 inch back wheels that permit it to be utilized on any landscape. This makes it useful for both indoor and open air use. The lithium-ion battery permits the chair to keep running for 10+ miles on just battery power. Despite the fact that its light weight, the wheelchair can convey 396 pounds. It is likewise light weighing at just 59 pounds with the battery included.

EZ Lite Cruiser Cup Holder


By using the above reviews you certainly going to get the best brand with the right products. From here you can purchase best electric wheelchairs which will offer you freedom of movement and solace to be in.

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