Top 6 Best Climbing Harness Brands 2016 with Ultimate Guide

How to choose a best Climbing Harness?

For anybody hoping to make their first best climbing harness buy, it can be a somewhat overwhelming assignment. With such a large number of brands and distinctive evaluating focuses, it is difficult to contract down your decisions.

best climbing harness 2016

Should you buy one of the best climbing harness brands, or run with a relative obscure?
The primary worry of not going for a major brand is normally wellbeing, to comfort your psyche all harnesses will have passed a thorough testing process.

Albeit all will be sheltered not all harnesses are made equivalent, they will wear at an alternate rate, have an alternate fit and have distinctive components. Most costly does not level with best, but rather a trusted brand goes far to ensuring quality.

Why do you should read this article?

Solace is vital and exceptionally individual, with various producers fitting in various ways, so it’s vital to experiment with a couple brands and models in store or surprisingly better on a trip. What’s more, recall that a few stores won’t take returns on climbing harnesses — exactly what you require additional weight to settle on the right choice!

Top 6 Best climbing harness brands today

There are a modest bunch of brands that are reliably mainstream with climbers and convey top quality harnesses on numerous occasions. Experiment with some of their items and will undoubtedly locate the right harness for you Here are what we consider being the best climbing harness brands:

  • Petzl
  • Wild Nation
  • C.A.M.P
  • Black Diamond
  • Arc’Teryx
  • Mammut

best rock climbing rope 2016


Petzl Pandion Climbing Harness

Driven by three fundamental concerns — security, solace and usefulness — Petzl has turned into a firm most loved with climbers. The Sama and Selena male and female harness accompany elasticated leg circles, or the Adjama and Luna (again male and female) have movable legs. The Hirundos is a ultra-light harness for top of the line climbers yet amateurs might lean toward the more fundamental Gym.

2.Wild Nation

Striking and unique harness outlines that accompany useful elements, the Wild Country reach is sleek and light, composed with new load spread innovation (LST).

Harness New for 2016

There’s a major determination to browse, all with Wild Country’s climbing harness imaginative configuration and great shading plan. The Summit and Eclipse are well-known harnesses, and the Spire and Flare ladies’ extents are a percentage of the best around.


Camp climbing belt Jasper CR3 grey/black

With well more than 100 years of harness making behind them, it’s protected to say that C.A.M.P climbing harness know a thing or two about the business. The organization’s present extent is exceptionally amazing, including the Cassin Warden, Laser and Laser CR, and also the Air, Stratos and Jasper.

4.Black Diamond

Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness 2016

A major name in climbing, Black Diamond convey high caliber, utilitarian and reasonable harnesses. These incorporate the Chaos and Ozone, and also ladies’ harnesses like the Ethos and Aura.


The surprising name originates from the Archaeopteryx Lithographic, the main reptile to create quills for flight and free itself from the limitations of the flat world.

Arcteryx AR-395a Harness - Men's

Spend significant time in climbing and Alpine rigging, their harnesses are traditionally composed and high caliber. The B-360A men’s and R-300 men’s are profoundly appraised.


One of the greatest suppliers of open air items and with a notoriety for good quality and utilitarian items, Swiss organization

are the same. Attempt the Sephira or Tiger models for good quality and reasonable harnesses.

Mammut Ophir Chalk Bag
You can take in more of the best climbing harness brands at their individual locales. On the other hand, visit e-open air, who stock four of the six said above, they at present have up to 40% off so you could seize yourself an awesome arrangement.

The most effective method to Use these Best Climbing Harnesses for Longer Times.

All the basic materials of harnesses have a tendency to debase after some time so to guarantee security, resign any harness that is over seven years of age regardless of the fact that it has been ppropriately put away or never utilized.

For climbing experts, for example, mountain guides or for full-time climbers, it is prescribed to resign a harness following one year In the case of a noteworthy fall or effect, resign the harness quickly.

Step by step instructions to Maintain These Best Climbing harnesses.

At the point when the harness gets messy, first attempt just to wash it On the off chance that this does not uproot the dust particles, you might hand wash the harness in warm water with a gentle cleanser ensuring never to utilize blanch, then flush.

Permit it to dry away noticeable all around from direct daylight. Store the harness in a dry dull spot that is free of any contaminants. While transporting the harness, ensure it stays in its supply sack and avoided sharp protests.
Step by step instructions to Tie a Swiss Seat Rappel Harness

Where to Buy A Best Climbing Harness.

These best climbing harnesses are accessible in different online stores, for example,,rei.corn,,, (Eastern Mountain Sports), and Some can likewise be gained from their individual producer site e.g. Petzl and Black Diamond.


On the off chance that you are searching for a Best climbing harness that will enhance your climbing times significantly, then look no further as one of these main ten climbing harnesses will make certain to meet your each necessity. These harnesses are undeniably the best accessible today and come at exceptionally moderate costs so snatch one today to go above and beyond in your climbing sessions.

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